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The North Pole Experience is a 20-30 minute Journey of stories direct from the North Pole itself. Your children and your family we get to see things that have never been seen before by any other human, Have you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights? Well Santa is truly very magical and now's your chance. You will hear stories all about what it’s like living in The North Pole and get to witness some truly amazing North Pole magic.


But the magic has only just begun, Santa will produce a very special file for your child or children all about them, all about the home and if it’s safe to land his sleigh on their roof, do they have anything that may make his big visit on Christmas eve a bit tricky. Santa will have it all prepared in his Secret file. The children can keep the file forever to treasure as a reminder of Santa’s visit.


Of course Santa can’t leave without giving a small gift! Each child will be given a beautiful solid brass coin made at the North Pole mint in the North Pole, this is something that your child will love forever and get out every christmas to remind them of Santa’s visit. If they place the coin under their pillow on Christmas eve and make a wish you never know it may even come true.  


Before Santa leaves he has a couple of things to deliver to the children, their certificate for being on the nice list and a personalised letter that they can open when Santa’s gone.


And then as quick as a flash he will disappear out the door, after a couple of photos of course!!


Oh dear……...we hope Santa hasn’t left anything behind!!


Prices for the North Pole Experience start from £125.00

To book your visit please email

or phone head elf Sammy on 07480 063 925


Each visit will last around 20-30 minutes

Coins included up to 1 child, extra can be purchased for £8 each.

If you wish to have Santa’s secret file please click the “Santa’s Secret File” below.

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