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T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse!


I want you to think back, back to a time when things were a little different, more carefree with less worries.


Remember  when you were just five years old on Christmas Eve. What are you feeling? Is it warmth, love, happiness and excitement? What can you smell? Hot Chocolate, mince pies and the christmas tree? Can you hear the sound of an open crackling fire and the Christmas specials coming from the tv in the corner?


These are all very special and magical memories that will always make you glow a little inside.


We think that every boy and girl, old or young, deserve to have wonderful Christmas memories. It's our passion to make that happen.

Services The Santa Claus supplies:

Christmas lights switch on events, Shopping center events, Promotional and marketing events Corporate Events, The magical Christmas Santa show, Christmas themed weddings, TV & Film, Anything you can think of, if you need Santa give us a call!

You can phone us on 07480 063 925 or email us 

for more information about "The magical Christmas Santa show" please click the tab in the menu.



Some previous clients: 

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