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- is it an all day session? Do we get access and they choose (obviously apart from Santa call) when we do the activities/watch film etc?

The session lasts as long as you want, what you receive is a digital folder full of pdf print outs that you can do throughout the day including recipes of fun and easy things to cook, puzzles, colouring sheets, paper chains and all sorts of fun Christmas things to do in your own time.



- are you able to send the activity packs etc prior to the day? I don’t have printer access at home.


Yes, you will receive all the files including craft pack and the film by email approx 2 days before the call, We can send out hard printed copies of the craft pack for an extra £5 per child/pack if needed.



- do you need a Skype account to access this?


Ideally, Skype is best but if you have problems with using Skype we can also call on Whatsapp or Facebook messenger.



-can it be Stream to played on the TV or just on a computer/iPad?

The film is sent to you as an mp4 file so it can be played on any device, you can airdrop or cast to your TV for best viewing.

-What if my date or time slot isn't listed on the calendar?

If your timeslot or date isn't available please email us at and we will see what we can sort out for you.


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